I will be unavailable June 22 - July 4, any orders placed during that time will ship on July 8, 2024.

Custom Jewelry Design Experience

A gift idea that is fun and personal - Gift the experience of a custom designed piece of jewelry.  Choose  a level and I will provide a gift certificate to be redeemed after the holiday to choose and design a custom piece.  This can be done in person or with email/phone/facetime, so location does not matter.
  • Sapphire Level - $75 - Create an everyday piece of jewelry in silver, with or without a gemstone.              
  • Ruby Level - $150 - Create a piece of jewelry with a gemstone, silver, and possibly a touch of gold.
  • Emerald Level - $300 - Choose from my collection of unique stones and design your piece around the stone.
  • Diamond Level - $500 -  Choose from my raw diamond stones and create a special heirloom piece.