Polished Rocks, Wearable Art - Rhodochrosite - May Special

SammyGirlNailz and Pam Hurst Designs have partnered to create a set of custom nails and a piece of handcrafted jewelry using a stone for inspiration.  The nail set is sized to your hands and hand painted to match the stone.  Supplies for these monthly specials will be limited and the special will only be while supplies last.

For the month of May the stone we picked is a Rhodochrosite.  It is a pink stone with lots of variations.  Rhodochrosite is known as the stone of the compassionate heart and symbolizes selfless love.  It is found in the form of stalactites and stalagmites in caves.  

Nails are custom fitted, so after you order, SammyGirlNailz will contact you for sizing information before sending the order.  If you want further information on the nails, please don't hesitate to reach out to ask questions.

The earrings are sterling silver and the stones may vary due to patterning.


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