About Pam


After 15 years as an engineer with GM, I decided to “retire” and stay home with my children.  I have always loved jewelry and I began to design and explore my creative side.  This curiosity led to me taking a couple of classes and eventually attending the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco where I received my credentials as a certified jewelry technician. 


I love creating jewelry in precious metals and gemstones.  I primarily use gold and silver and only real gemstones. One of my passions is manipulating the metal.  Taking a flame to a piece of silver and watching it change forms from solid to liquid and all stages in between before my eyes just mesmerizes me. Hammering and forging the metal to create shapes and textures is a skill that dates back almost as long as humans themselves.  The final detail is adding a gemstone or mineral piece to infuse color and emotion to the piece.


People are my inspiration and my collections usually stem from a story or memory in my life.  Life moments, both good and bad, are a part of each of our journeys and form who we are. The loss of our baby to stillbirth was a the cornerstone of my career in jewelry.   In my custom work, I enjoy taking a customer’s special moments, celebrations, trials and successes and interpreting them into a piece of jewelry that has meaning to them


I grew up in northwest Indiana, among the steel mills and industry, have lived in several cities around the state and now reside in Martinsville, IN, in the country near the family farm.  The changes in these locations have allowed me to recognize the strengths and beauty in the diverse differences in the communities and people.


My jewelry has been featured on the television shows, Jane the Virgin and The Vampire Diaries. I have also been chosen to contribute designs for major Hollywood events like The Academy Awards and The Golden Globes.  Locally, I have won several awards and honors.  I am a member of the Indiana Artisan Association, Indiana Originals and The Society of North American Goldsmiths. 


My children are now adults giving me the time to focus on my jewelry more intently.  I continue to train and learn under Michael David Sturlin. My studio, where I teach others the art of jewelry design, is in downtown Martinsville, IN above my retail store, The Sterling Butterfly.


My education has included:

     Purdue University, BS, 1984

     Indiana Wesleyan, MBA, 1987

     Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts, Jewelry Technician Diploma

     GIA, Accredited Jewelry Professional

     New Approach Jewelry School

    Studied with:  Michael David Sturlin, Alan Revere, Nancy Wintrup, Jas Tanaka, Roberta Tanaka, Deb Karash