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Peregrine Collection - where did it come from?

August 06, 2019

Peregrine Collection - where did it come from?

I love to travel and experience new things.  I have always been drawn to the unusual or unfamiliar.  When we travel I tend to take pictures of textures, colors, patterns and designs for inspiration in my work.  My kids kind of make fun of me but also point things out to me now.


I love textures and color.  Very rarely do I make a shiny smooth piece of jewelry.  I was feeling as I was loosing some of these things that I love so much in the work I was currently doing so I had a day of play and exploration and went back to my roots.  I feel the textures, colors and shapes I used all reflect memories and inspiration from places I have been or places I want to go to.  By the end of the day I was looking for the perfect word to name the new collection and I stumbled across peregrine.


[ per-i-grin, -green, -grahyn ]


foreign; alien; coming from abroad

wandering, traveling, or migrating.


I loved the uniqueness of the word and the definition was just what I was feeling.  Traveling, abroad, far away lands, wandering physically and in my thoughts.  


There you have it, why the new collection is called the Peregrine Collection.

It will debut at Art on Main in Carmel, IN and The Sterling Butterfly in Martinsville, IN beginning August 12, 2019.  


Stay tuned for more photos!

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