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Your Why? My why......

August 22, 2018

Dinosaur Bone Pendant

I have been going through some soul searching and answering some hard questions in trying to brand my jewelry line.  Why do I love it?  Why do I do it?  Some of these questions have really brought to the forefront the fact that although I love all things sparkly, I really love to learn.  I love to learn about stones, their meanings, their makeup, how they form.  I love to learn about metals, how to melt them, how to mix them, how to change them.  The end piece is just the cumulation of these lessons.  I am far from the end of my self analysis but I believe I now have a good starting point.  

The photo above is a pendant I made with a dinosaur bone cabochon. This is one of my favorite stones as we have been big fossil hunters since my kids were young.  To think this piece of rock has been on our earth for millions of years in such different forms is just fascinating to me.


Another of my favorite stones, Pietersite.  Pietersite is a rare dark gray or reddish breccia aggregate (rock made up of fragments embedded in a matrix), comprised mostly of hawk's eye and tiger's eye. Pietersite from Namibia was first described in 1962 by Sid Pieters, who named it in his father's honor.

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